Grab your oars

Row, row, row, your boat gently down the stream.  Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, for life is but a dream.

Every Christmas I give Chris 12 envelopes, one for every month of the year. These envelopes contain 12 date days.  Unfortunately, we, or I for that matter, am not very good at keeping to these days, getting too caught up in everyday life.  I am going to make a conscious effort from here on to keep to these envelopes as I have realised how precious these date days are.

Like most people our life runs at 100% miles an hour, and of late things have been a little tough, so on Friday we both took an impromptu and much needed/deserved day out of the office.

The day did not start off so well with a leaking shower that came through in to the living room causing another shower in the house (it was quite literally pouring down)! Chris called up to me in the shower to get out as water was coming through the ceiling, me thinking it was just a little trickle retorted back with “can I just wash my hair?”.  The response was a firm NO!  I soon understood why when I walked downstairs. Oops.

After the shower debacle and arranging a plumber to come over in the evening we pulled open the July date envelope.

The date was a day rowing and picnicking down at Barcombe Mills in East Sussex, (just outside of Lewes).  We had spent a glorious day here in our first year together, it was so peaceful and beautiful we were both excited about a complete an utter switch off day, a day where it was just the two of us and no distractions.  We grabbed the picnic basket and a blanket and headed over to my mums to drop off the dogs and check the horses.

Parking up at the Anchor Inn which is a fabulous Sussex country pub on the bank of the River Ouse, we promptly set off to the boats.  Boats can be hired by the hour and you can hire a boat for £12 per hour for two people. If you have a water loving dog they are also welcome to join you in the boat. Ours are not water lovers and would rock the boat until we were all to fall in! Shame as I would love to have them with us.

There were a few others just heading off in their own boats who were struggling to get going, and laughing together which was enjoyable to watch.  Chris is thankfully a skilled rower and more than makes up for my lack of skill in this department.  I was therefore amazed that when it was our turn to get in a boat, together like a couple of pros we were soon rowing smoothly on the water away from the crowds of others still attempting to get going.  It was a great feeling!

Being a Pisces I love to be by the water, for me it really does restore a sense of calm and I was in desperate need of this.  Gently rowing and taking in the beautiful countryside in the warmth of the sun next to the man I love, and my best two legged friend was pure indulgence.

I even managed to row solo!

After an hour or so on the water we were back at the Anchor Inn and wandering off with our picnic in search of the perfect spot to sit and relax over a bottle of bubbly.
After wittering away together for some time and basking in the sun, it was time to pack up the basket and push on to get back to the animals.

I grew up in East Sussex, yet nowadays I spend little time there simply visiting family and friends, never taking the time to enjoy the countryside it has to offer. I must make more of an effort to explore my old stomping ground once again.

This date day made me see that I hold the oars to my own happiness and healing, and not to be afraid of rocking the boat once in a while in order to be true to myself.

Love Emma x



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