Sunset Chasers

“There’s a sunrise and sunset every single day, and they are absolutely free. Don’t miss so many of them.” – Jo Walton

For as long as I can remember my friend Jill and I have been chasing sunsets and sunrises. I can recall one evening suggesting that we meet at 5am the next day at one of our favorite walking spots (Pitch Hill), with our dogs and a thermos of coffee to watch the sunrise from the Surrey Hills. We sat on the bench looking out across Surrey/Sussex and waited for the sunrise whilst sipping our warm coffee.  All we saw that morning that resembled a sunrise was one pink cloud float by. Needless to say we were in the wrong location to witness the sunrise.

Last Friday Jill and I agreed to meet with up with the boys and our dog pack at West Wittering beach.

Upon arriving at the car park much to our dismay the barriers had literally just shut, (8:30pm should you find yourself caught out as we did). We were not the only ones to have failed to check parking times before heading out, as other people were also turning around with disappointed little furry faces in peering out of the back windows.

Although you could always look to find parking elsewhere along the road it’s very limited and a long walk back to the beach.  As much as I like long walks, we had an elderly dog with us and it would have been unfair on her to walk back.

We got back in our cars and continued on our journey to Bracklesham Bay instead (only a short distance away). I had not walked on this beach before, however it did not disappoint. The only difference between West Wittering that I noted was that there were no sand dunes at Bracklesham, and to get to the sand you have to go over pebbles. Parking was a little cheaper and there was a Billy’s on the beach. If you have never had a Billy’s breakfast you are missing out. Their sister restaurant Billy’s on the Road is not far from home and we often go there as a breakfast treat. Billy’s on the beach has outside seating so your dog can enjoy watching you eat and maybe get lucky with the scraps! Well worth a visit after a stroll on the beach. Open until 9pm, although do check their website unlike us!

As we pulled up Jill and I were delighted as we had arrived just in time to witness a truly amazing sunset. Finally we had chased down a sunset together.

We were greeted by many dogs sitting by their owner’s sides admiring the pink sky.

Our own dogs were so excited to be at the beach and charged off together in to the sea.

Even Shiva and Bunter who are not fond on the water were playing in the waves. Perhaps there is hope yet that one day they will be able to enjoy a swim.
I love taking our dogs on a variety of walks and seeing them enjoying life.

I tend to avoid walking places where they have to remain on a lead the entire time as for me this is their playtime.

Don’t forget to pack your doggy essentials:

  • Water and a bowl
  • Towels
  • Poo bags
  • Spare lead
  • Treats for emergency bribery

By the time we arrived home it was gone 11pm and we were all happy to flop in to bed!

Love Emma & the Dals x




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