Shere Delights & Abinger Ambles

After returning home after a few days away with work in the crazy city that is Dubai, I could not wait to get back in to my day to day life back home with Chris, the Dals and the horses.

Whilst I enjoy my trips away with work, and having the opportunity to travel and meet  the lovely employees across the globe, on the flipside of the coin I miss home dearly.  I don’t feel me when I am not outdoors surrounded by nature and beautiful countryside, alongside the horses, dogs and not forgetting Chris!  Going away always makes me realise just how much of a home bird I am, and how extremely lucky I am to have so much worth missing back home.

Upon returning home I was extremely eager to shift the extra pounds I felt I had gained, by getting back on Daya and being out walking with the Dals.

As Chris was out Saturday, I was adjusting to GMT again and my friend Francesca from Rudgwick Gardens was over for my fortnightly lesson in gardening, I decided to walk from my mums farm Saturday. Making sure that the four of us went out together on Sunday.

Today we took a drive in to the Surrey Hills to walk the dogs, stopping off on route in one of my favourite villages in Surrey, to treat ourselves to a breakfast out.

The village I am referring to is the village of Shere.  Located in the heart of the Surrey Hills, Shere is a quaint and charming village full of character, so much so that even Hollywood famously featured it in the Christmas film the Holiday, with Cameron Diaz and Jude Law.


During the week this is a sleepy village yet come the weekend it’s a tourist hotspot.  It is of no surprise as the village is so attractive, with a few delightful shops, a cosy pub, the sweet little stream home to the village ducks, and many quirky wonky cottages.





Being fairly early on a Sunday morning we had arrived before the crowds and managed to park alongside the stream which is hardly ever possible!


We pitched up for breakfast at the Dabbling Duck which is full of wonderful treats throughout the day all of which are freshly prepared onsite using seasonal produce.


Chris hates it when I suggest eating out with the dogs in tow as Bunter dislikes sitting still, and can cause a scene, this is therefore something we continue to work on.

Chris ordered the Duck breakfast and had the dogs eyeballing him the entire time (they never do this to me when I eat, I tell him it’s because he is too soft on them and gives in far to easily).


I enjoyed the vegetarian breakfast, I am not a vegetarian but have a love for halloumi cheese and avocado, both of which were included in the veggie breakfast – it did not disappoint and was super yummy.


After our tasty breakfast we continued on in the car for 10 minutes to Abinger Roughs .

Walk over view

  • Car park – White Downs Lane (RH5 6QS)
  • Easy walking
  • Route approx. 2 miles
  • Taking in sweeping views, ancient woodland (some of the old oaks are around 300 years old)!
  • Routes in the Roughs are sign posted throughout so you cannot get lost.
  • The walking route that we took can be found here.


With the leaves starting to turn I walked with a sense of excitement at the prospect of all the autumnal walks to come, with cosy pub stops.  Bonfires, big cosy jumpers and roaring fires. Without a doubt autumn is my favourite time of year.


There are so many different walks you can do from the Roughs, from 1 hour extending to four – we have done them all.  One of these walks Chris my Mum and I fondly refer to as the “£5.00 walk”  after a walker all kitted out in the middle of winter in waterproof clothing walking poles etc. walking through ankle deep mud asked me to give him £5.00 as our dogs had apparently splashed mud up his trousers as they went past him.  Can you believe that? We couldn’t, we thought he was joking, it then became apparent he was serious so kindly and calmly retorted with the suggestion that perhaps he should take his winter walks in the town if he disliked mud so much.  I mean really how could he pin point that the mud came from our dogs when he was taking the muddiest route possible.  His wife embarrassedly walked on without him while he clung to the fence on the narrow path calling out abuse as the three of us walked on.  I would however like to know why the fee for washing his trousers was £5.00, plus I would hope that anyone who had gone on a muddy walk would wash their trousers afterwards.  We now always ensure we walk with £5.00 on us just in case.











Love for now, Emma & the Dals xxx



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