Julius K-9 Harness Review 

Bunter is full of life, and at just over a year old he hates being restricted on a lead,  he is forever slipping his collar to avoid it.  Not only that he is surprisingly strong and with me only being 5′ nothing I find it difficult to hold on to him when he pulls.  I can somehow control my horse Daya better than I can Bunter!

After Bunter ate the last harness it was time to invest in a new one, I wanted one that would be tough but also offered comfort, lastly I needed one he could not easily get out of (he learnt this trick too)!

After seeing the Julius K-9 harness on Geoff, one of my mums guests (a massive Great Dane) I was instantly impressed and rushed home to order Bunters.

Although the first outing in his new harness did not go so well, what with me hanging on for dear life until I could hold on no longer as we ran off down my mums drive after the other dogs we were walking with, I am pleased to report that things have improved greatly as Bunter has now realised this harness means business.

There are many reasons the Julius K-9 is trusted across Europe and has reputation for best dog harness in the UK.

As Bunter demonstrates it’s super smart and grown up with a snug fit.

These is no restriction on move ability in this harness, as you can see from Bunters antics.  With reflective strips it’s great for those early morning and evening walks in the winter months.

The front chest strap has been lowered to accommodate for the natural curve of a dogs chest.  Thus making it more comfortable.

With so many different areas to fasten there is no escaping for Bunter, and offers him a harness that can be adapted to fit him perfectly.

The handle on the top is also great for grabbing him in case of emergency, although I am sure this is not its purpose! As the handle is Velcro it can be clasped down for safety purposes.

img_6253Bunter always looks extremely proud to be strutting around in his Julius K-9.


My 10 loves about this harness

  1. It’s secure
  2. The handle which assists at times when quick grabbing is required
  3. There are a vast amount of areas which can be adjusted in order to get a perfect fit
  4. Reflective edges and chest strap
  5. Has a torch holder – this will be useful come the dark evenings
  6. Heavy duty buckles
  7. Water resistant
  8. Comfortable
  9. Comes in an array of colours so there is plenty of choice
  10. Lastly it’s giving me the confidence to be able to walk Bunter on a lead when I need to without the fear of him getting away either by pulling or by slipping out of it.

If you are looking to invest in a harness for your own dog, I would highly recommend the Julius K9 range.  Bunters is the IDC version which has been adapted to have a lowered chest strap to accommodate for the natural curvature of the dogs chest, offering yet more comfort.

Order yours here.

Love for now Emma & the Dals xxx

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