Winkworth Wanders

Autumn really does for me, provide the best backdrop for a walk in the English countryside.

Over the coming weeks I will be posting a selection of our favourite autumn countryside walks in Sussex and Surrey.

The first to share with you is probably the most colourful of them all, bursting with deep reds, vibrant yellows, soft greens, and amazing orange tones.

The walk is at Winkworth Arboretum a place we love to visit with the dogs throughout the year.   Stunning anytime of year, however none more so that in autumn where the woods and landscape really burst with the most beautiful display of colour.  The National Trust are expecting the colours to continue to be as vibrant as they are at present for the next couple of weeks.

Every leaf speak bliss to me fluttering from the autumn tree – Emily Bronte.

Chris gets frustrated by my leaf collecting antics on our walks during the months of autumn from all the places we love, little does he know I have plans for all the leaves I collect!

There are many different paths to take from woodland, open fields and lakeside wanders. Although you cannot Walk endlessly here you can get a decent walk in and at the right time of year can also walk to Oakhurst Cottage (found in an earlier post) which is approximately 2.5 miles.

If you arrive early enough you can even pull up a chair in the old lake house and relax to the sounds of nature and take in the beauty of the surroundings.

The distant rolling hills a reminder of the time alongside my mum and our friends we once enjoyed the Surrey Hills sponsored ride, taking  a wrong turn we had a gallop up the hill only to discover we had to turn around at the top.  It was worth the gallop though!

Shiva not particularly enjoying the view!Dogs are welcome in the arboretum but must be kept on a lead at all times, there is plentiful seating outside the café to grab a light bite to eat and coffee with your four legged friends.

Top Tips

  • If you are able to I would advise a week day visit during autumn as weekend tend to get extremely busy.
  • If you can’t get here during the week perhaps arrive towards the end of the day on a Sunday when the majority of others are leaving.  View opening times here
  • Allow enough time for a coffee and cake!
  • If you miss out on the coffee and cake, or have built up more of an appitite why not head down the road for a roast at The White Horse.

Love Emma and the Dals xxx


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