Leith Nothing other than Footprints

Honestly where do the weeks disappear to?!  I can’t believe that it’s Friday again.

Last Friday was a man free one and offered a great opportunity to invite a couple of the girls over (Jill and Lili) for a catch up, while Jill lives locally Lili came up from Brighton.  We arranged  to have a cosy evening in at the cottage relaxing in front of the fire, indulging in good food (thanks to Lili’s kind offer of cooking)! and wine .

Upon Lili and I saying a late and rather chilly goodnight to Jill, we arranged to all meet in the morning for a dog walk up at Leith Hill in the Surrey Hills.

Alarms were set early so that we could make the most of the quiet in the hills before the rest of the world woke up.

And my gosh was it worth it for the morning sun we had.

We met at the Leith Hill Place car park and made a slow wander in to the vibrant woods, well we did at least.  The dogs not so much, they were off in all different directions!

The dogs were overjoyed to all be running together as they always are, which is a pleasure to watch, yet it’s hard to keep an eye on five dogs darting about all over the place.  Jill is even contemplating another!With a think blanket of autumn on the ground the leaves crunching under foot we chatted and chatted while the dogs ran ever decreasing circles around us.  For every mile we walk I am sure they double it easily with their running back and forth.

Once out of the woods the scenery on the walk really opens up with marvellous views across  the open fields.

I should point out here that there are a LOT of steps on this walk up a very steep hill, something I failed to share with Lili at the time.

 Half way up and I think Amy’s face says it all…..After walking up the mammoth amount of steps which lead up to the tower we caught our breath overlooking the landscape.

Continuing up to the tower amongst the swarms of cyclists who were now out in full force we grabbed a coffee and wandered to our usual summers evening picnic spot away from the crowds.When ever I sit in our picnic spot here I always dream of a life living in Leith Hill Place and how wonderful it must have been to live in such a house.

Collecting all our dogs we made our way back to the car. With the boys away we decided to continue our girl time and made a slow drive back to towards home stopping in for more coffee and food at the Milk Churn.  Both Jill and I love this place, conveniently located for coffee and the best cheese on toast around either by foot or on horse back.

We found a quiet corner and gathered our dog pack.  Once settled we tucked in to our yummy treats all the while with five sets of eyes watching on hopefully.Poor Dillon had walked his little paws off!The walk we did is a shorter version of one of my favourite walks from Leith Hill, we made it shorter as we had Amy Jill’s 13 year old working cocker with us.  Amy does so well keeping up with the youngsters but to do the longer walk would have been unkind on her.   The 3 mile walk we did can be found here.

Love Emma and the Dals xxx

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  • Thankyou for taking me on your lovely walk . The dogs must have had a wonderful time scuffling in the leaves,our old dog loved leaves.We have no woods near us so unless we get in the car to go it is fields and sea .

  • my pleasure, pleased to hear that you enjoyed it. The beach is always fun, hopefully you do not have to drive too far for a woodland walk so that you can get out and enjoy the autumn colours.