Log House Holidays – Part 1

After reading Steph & The Spaniels glowing review of Log House Holidays, it was not long before I was on the phone booking us in for a summer staycation. Since booking, I had been counting down the months, weeks and finally days until we were on the road with the Dals to experience Log House Holidays for ourselves.

Log House Holidays has been family owned and run since 1980 and is idyllically set on a plot of 130 acres of a Cotswolds nature reserve. The family have been landscaping the reserve for many years in order to offer a luxurious self-catering, utterly unique escape from reality for their guests to enjoy.

The drive took us little more than two hours which was just about enough for all of us in the heat, and we were soon winding our way through pretty lanes and charming cottages before coming across the sign to Log House Holidays. Upon arriving we were met by Anthony and his two dogs walking around the reserve.  It was at this point that the Dals promptly woke up and rather noisily said their hello’s. Despite all the barking and feeling highly embarrassed by our dogs, Chris and I managed to ascertain the general direction we needed to take to arrive at Monty’s Retreat, the most secluded of the eight cabins and the cabin for which we had chosen for our four night break.

Eventually pulling up outside our cabin in the woods, we were immediately impressed and excited to unpack so that we could settle in and start to unwind.

Our first nights stay was simply beautiful, from sitting out on the veranda taking in the surrounds,

to having a short stroll around the reserve to stretch the dogs and our own legs.

After supper we were eager to get out on the lake, we packed the picnic basket with a bottle of Moet and jumped in “Jake” the Irish loch boat sitting on the lake outside our cabin, (each cabin has its own boat), we picked up the oars and set off rowing into a romantic sunset.

Looking back at Monty’s Retreat as we rowed away.

While out on the lake we met the locals doing what we were soon to realise was their evening and morning routine, a visit to each of the cabins in search of food.  Despite the no feeding rules they were ever hopeful of crumbs.

After rowing for a short while we pulled in the oars and popped open the bubbles.

The cork went flying as they do, and Chris was soon back rowing to retrieve it as it bobbed on the water.  It took a little time and much manoeuvring but we collected it without ending up in the water ourselves despite the boat almost capsizing, and enjoyed the sunset together.

Part 2 to follow soon.


Emma x

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