Barbour – Jackets to Stand the Test of Time

Living in the countryside, a Barbour jacket is in my mind a true wardrobe staple, and one that will prove its worth over many years if you love and look after it properly.

Barbour jackets will stand the test of time, not only for their timeless, classic and effortless style, (be it in the countryside or in the city) but also as they are made to last, and last they do with a longevity like no other I’ve ever known.

I can say this with complete confidence as I nostalgically recall the smell of my mothers long waxed Barbour riding jacket, or perhaps this is because it is still going strong today and is currently hanging on the back of our tack-room door over 30 years on! Or reminiscing over fond memories from my childhood watching on as my father stood in his well worn green quilted Barbour jacket feeding an autumn bonfire. It’s safe to say Barbour is a brand that our family have always decorated our coat racks with.

Aside from the vast human range of jackets Barbour offer, they also do a variety of dog coats.  Chris and I were only looking at these a month or so ago as the dogs were in need of new coats for the winter. Dalmatians are a breed that feel the cold, and we were down to one coat after Bunter ate the other.

Imagine therefore how thrilled I was then when this iconic British brand, a brand that’s been part of my everyday life my entire life, contacted me asking if the dogs and I would be open to an opportunity to work with them.

In return for providing Barbour Dogs with images they could use on their social media sites during the run up to Christmas, the dogs and I were gifted matching jackets of our choice.

As soon as we accepted the offer I was straight on to my friend Callum Aitken to see if he would be available to come and do a shoot with us that weekend.  We decided my mothers was a good place to meet as it offered backdrops of both open space and woodland. And so we set off in to the morning all in our matching olive jackets.

Aitken-181028-Dals in Barbour-3

For Shiva I went for the XL size in the practical wax dog coat. This is a waxed cotton coat with Tartan lining and has lightweight wadding which gives it that little bit of extra warmth. The coat is finished with a Velcro under-body strap for easy fastening.

Aitken-181028-Dals in Barbour-4

Bunter has a L size in the more rugged looking fleece lined coat, this has a covered chest area and as such provides extra weather protection,  this is also finished with a Velcro strap.

Aitken-181028-Dals in Barbour-28

Aitken-181028-Dals in Barbour-7

And for myself taking in to account the Barbour collection I already had I went for the Dartford waxed jacket. I liked the idea of having a hood to keep me warmer and drier on all those long wintry walks to come.

Barbour jacket sizes can vary in size depending on the style. For example I am generally a size 8, however my Annandale quilted Barbour is a size 10, the 8 was a little on the small side.

Yet my Beadnell waxed jacket is a perfect 8 and I can layer up underneath with big jumpers if I need to.

Based on the sizing of the Beadnell, I went for a size 8 in the Dartford and this fits snug with a little room for layering with a lightweight jumper and shirt. But to be honest this coat is so warm that I have even on the colder days just been wearing it with a t-shirt, as I’ve found I get too hot with additional layers on in this jacket.

I think that the Dals look rather smart twinning in their new coats.

Aitken-181028-Dals in Barbour-19

Aitken-181028-Dals in Barbour-12

Aitken-181028-Dals in Barbour-20

Aitken-181028-Dals in Barbour-26

To keep your beloved Barbour waxed jacket looking pristine you can send it off directly to Barbour to have it re-waxed and if needed repaired. Re-waxing is recommended once a year if well used.

Aitken-181028-Dals in Barbour-29

There is a Barbour jacket for everyone, why not find your own Barbour style here.

I would love to know what is your preferred Barbour style and why?

With Love Emma & The Dals xxx

All views are my own.

Images by Callum Aitken Photography

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    • The boots are by Dubarry and they are absolutely fantastic. I’m on my second pair now but my first lasted a good ten years of everyday wear in all weathers walking and at the stables.