Raw Baltic Amber Collars for Dogs

I like to make well informed decisions when it comes to caring for my animals. This has more often than not lead me down the alternative medicines route, as you will know if you read my post on Homeopathic Vets. Its not everyone’s cup of tea and I appreciate that, but for us it works.

The last time I took one of the dogs to see our homeopathic vet, I got talking to a lady in the waiting room about her dogs interesting looking collar. The collar was made of raw Baltic Amber beads.

Turns out these collars are one of the 100% chemical free alternative product to protect against ticks and fleas. The lady had been using raw Baltic Amber collars on her dogs for many years and was really satisfied with the results.

Later that evening I came home and did my own research on these collars, I was equally impressed with what I had read and as such placed an order with Amber Crown.

I chose these collars as they had extremely positive reviews.

The collars came in individual boxes and even had their own certificate of authenticity.

So how do the collars work?

They work in two ways. Firstly when the raw amber beads rub against the dogs (or cats) coat it causes electricity which makes it practically impossible for fleas and ticks to cling on. Secondly when the amber rubs against the coat it acts as a repellent for these pesky pests!

The care instructions suggest cleaning the collars in cold soapy water weekly, and replacing collars once a year or when the amber starts to have a polished look to it due to the friction against the fur.

Unfortunately I ordered incorrect sizes!

The collars work best when they are snug on the neck. Therefore after taking these photos I tied a knot in both of them so that they fit as suggested, (you should be able to fit no more than two fingers between the neck and collar).

Touch wood, so far since using these collars we’ve not found any ticks on either of the dogs.

Chris did have a giggle when he came home from work the first evening that they were wearing them. He thought they looked like a couple of beach bums! So long as they continue to keep the Dals tick free he can mock them all he likes!

Aside from not wanting to use chemicals on the dogs to keep the ticks/fleas at bay, I also wanted to do my bit for the environment by going chemical free. Should you be interested in a quick read on how routine chemical medication of cats and dogs is causing unnecessary damage to the environment, (this includes flea treatments) our vet recently wrote an article on the subject. You can read it here.

Love for now Emma & The Dals xxx

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