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How I’ve managed to keep quiet until now is beyond me, as I’ve been bursting with excitement and happiness for months.

The time now feels right to share with you that in March we will be adding an addition to our family, this time they will not have paws or hooves but two tiny little feet! We can’t wait to welcome our little person into the world, they may even make their appearance on my own birthday as our due date is the day before!

Somethimes I still can’t believe we have been so lucky as this year has been a real whirlwind for us and it just keeps getting better and better.

It was upon arriving home from our honeymoon that I began noticing subtle changes with my body and moods. To start with I felt really relaxed and at ease with everything and everyone, things that used to bother me no longer did. I also became overpoweringly tired at the drop of a hat. Then I was late, and despite this not being unusual for me, it made me buy a couple of Clear Blue pregnancy tests. Within seconds of doing the first test a bold positive appeared. I cried. I did another to be sure. Again positive. I cried more happy tears. A whole 24 hours passed before I even shared the news with Chris.  I wanted time to think of a special way to tell him that he was going to be a Father.

The day after taking the test I popped into one of the local villages and purchased a pair of the sweetest baby booties and a china heart with the image of a stork carrying a baby with an engraved quote “a baby is a miracle sent from heaven above”. I came home and placed one of the tests in the box with the booties along with the china heart.

That evening I suggested to Chris that we take the dogs out somewhere nice for a walk to watch the sunset.

We drove out to quiet spot where we often walk, the sun was shining leaving a golden glow across the fields from where we were sitting atop a hill. I asked Chris to lay back and take in the last rays of sun while I played him a special song and asked that he really listen to the words. I hit play on Dan + Shay “from the ground up”. With the song playing I placed the little box containing the items I had collected earlier in the day in his lap instructing him to open his eyes. I welled up as he began to understand what this meant.

I was highly fortunate that during my first trimester as I never once suffered with morning sickness.  I only experienced extreme tiredness and for someone who is always rushing about at 100 miles an hour, this hit me hard. Oh, and there were two episodes of passing out, one at a blood test and another while I was in the hairdressers, highly embarrassing! I have low blood pressure and the Dr tells me that as a result of this I may be more prone to fainting during pregnancy. 

Today we had our 20 week scan and baby is doing well, already showing signs of my stubbornness. I literally had to stand up and do star jumps as baby was so bundled up in a tight ball with their feet up by their ears that the sonographer was not able to carry out the checks. The star jumps did not work and I had to walk around for half an hour and eat something in the hope baby would move, thankfully this worked.

At half way through the pregnancy I am feeling extremely happy to be starting this new and exciting chapter in our lives and eager to meet our little one who is already so loved. We are looking forward having another pair of feet walking and exploring the countryside with us. I know Shiva and Bunter will make to be the pawfect siblings and play mates.

We are now planning the nursery and I have been digging out all my old faviorite  childhood books and imagining sitting and reading the stories I loved to our baby in their little room. I often find myself wandering in there and daydreaming about what life will be like and all the places we will go and all the things we will do together when he/she arrives. I already feel so much love for our little one it’s sometimes overwhelming.

I really hope our little one likes ponies as we already have a special pony awaiting their love and attention, our little rescue pony Astro! Most people might go out and get a cot first, me I go out and get a pony!

Love for now Emma x

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  • All very sweet you should have mentioned how you broke the news to me after a labor of love in your garden you presented me with a box which I opened containing a single blue berry.

    After my surprise you told me that blueberry was the size of my future grandchild.

    A good way to tell me a new chapter was starting as a grandparent. It seems only the other day I was welcoming you into the world, a day I will never forget on your arrival plus cracked ribs from your mums horse Rustic . Now not many grandparents can say that’s a memory they have on the arrival of daughter number 2 !!!

    Love to the future parents from a happy dad xx

    • That was for a future post that’s why! lol
      Your first Grandchild will be very lucky to have you as their snowy haired Grandfather. xx