Lockdown Life with Rupert

In an ideal world, Rupert and I would be out visiting our loved ones, doing lots of cake tasting, National Trusting and spending more time outside. Yet we are in a time where the world has asked us to stop and appreciate all the little things in our immediate surroundings. As such we are making memories by staying at home as a family instead.

Rupert rules the day and likes to start each day nice and early, which once lockdown is over will be quite handy for morning stables. Generally his early rising has been helping us get in an morning dog walk before the rest of the world wakes up. He generally rises around 6/6:30am for a feed and is then happy to start the day. He is now at the stage now where he can easily stay awake for a couple of hours at a time.

Once he’s finished feeding it’s time for a wash before his favourite part of the day, his morning massage.

To help ease the symptoms of colic as Rupert has been suffering lately, I did an online baby massage course with Little Pickles so that I could learn a few simple techniques to make help him feel more comfortable. For his massages I’ve been using an organic coconut oil which leaves him smelling delicious.

After his massage we always have some lovely skin to skin cuddles/napping.

Once awake and dressed it’s tummy time, (I try to incorporate this in to every nappy change). I use a rolled up blanket for tummy time at the moment.

And of course I take many, many pictures of how cute he is.

On warm days we spend lazy afternoons sitting in the garden under the shade napping, reading, pulling faces and having baby chat. All the whole Chris looks on from behind the screen of his laptop, occasionally joining us for a short while.

Most days we will have a FaceTime call either with family or friends, and if awake Rupert becomes animated at hearing and seeing different faces and voices through the screen.

If we have not done an early morning walk we head out locally in the late afternoons all together.

After our daily walk we check on the horses and feed them a carrot or two!

The bedtime wind-down starts around 6pm with a warm bath using Aveeno baby products.

A friend gave us a Angelcare baby bath support which I am extremely grateful for, it’s ergonomically designed to hold babies securely allowing parents’ hands to be free.

After a dry off, Rupert then has his second massage of the day (I wish I could start and end the day in such a way).

The first time Chris walked in on Rupert’s evening massage he was quite upset that Rupert got such special treatment, low lights, soft relaxing music, candles (baby friendly) the whole works.

By this time he and I are nice and relaxed ready to snuggle down for story time. I love reading to Rupert, despite the fact that right now he clearly has no care for the story, I know he loves my voice (at least someone does). For me I love this part of the day the most as I get to re-read all of the stories I loved myself as a child.

Rupert might not have had the best start in life, and lockdown might mean he is missing out on certain things and most importantly people but one things for sure, he’s getting lots of cuddles, love and our undivided attention as we navigate our way through lockdown life together.

Love for now

Emma and Little Rupert xx

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