Sandy Paws, a Sea Breeze and Sand Dunes

Yesterday early evening we decided to take a chance with the temperamental weather we had throughout the day, skip the bedtime routine, pack up the car and make our way down to the Sussex Coast.

We visited a beach which for some reason we had not been to before, always favouring one of the neighbouring beaches instead.

The pull to visit this new to us beach was that it boasts something only three other beaches in West Sussex offer, sand dunes!

The dogs had an absolute blast! Bunter even was seen skipping down to the beach!

I take great pleasure in seeing the dogs having such a wonderful time on their walks, and this walk at Littlehampton West beach certainly offered them a good time.

Chris feels his attire was possibly one of his greatest fashion disasters, and has vowed to never wear wellies with shorts again! Even Bunter looked bemused by his outfit!

After the dogs had got their paws wet in the sea, we wandered back up the beach and into the sand dunes.

Shiva and Bunter enjoyed this part the most, running up and down the sandy tracks.

They were literally smiling.

We stopped to briefly take in our surroundings and have cuddles out of the strong sea breeze.

Returning to the car after an hour feeling refreshed after all the sea air, we finished our evening at the beach with a supper of fish and chips. In true English style in the car!

It turned out to be a lovely sunny evening and well worth risking the earlier rain showers. We will be coming back here in future as we found it to be much more secluded than the other beaches close by, it was a perfect find for us.

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Emma x

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