Rupert’s Woodland Themed Nursery

Out of all the rooms we have decorated in the cottage, I have most enjoyed turning our spare room, which was once a nothing room and one which we spent little time in, into Rupert’s woodland themed nursery.

It has now become a sweet cosy little nook in the cottage and one I love spending time in, reading to, playing with, and nursing our little man.

As the room is not overly big and an odd shape we have kept it minimalistic, although I know in time this will change as Rupert progresses on to more toys.

When it came to decorating, I wanted neutral tones and as we had not long ago painted the walls an off white and had new floorboards laid and stained, it was simply a case of adding in the details.

I was extremely excited to get started, especially as I already had a clear picture in my head as to the end result, a woodland themed nursery.

The first task was dressing the windows. Before we even knew we were expecting Rupert, I had picked out the adorable fabric for blinds should the room ever be turned in to a nursery. As such we ordered woodland animal print blinds, for which I feel compliment the room and cottage as well as setting the scene for the rest of the nursery d├ęcor.

One end of the room has become the changing area and nursing/reading nook whilst the other end of the room is where the cot and mini library are.

I was very particular with choosing a nursing chair as I wanted one that was traditional, and could be used and enjoyed for many years to come without looking out of place in a room other than a nursery, I fell in love with this one.

When we had the floor re done in the nursery, I made sure we kept all the old floorboards (some of which would have been over 300 years old)! I had planned to find a use for them, and that I did, as all the shelves in the room have been made from them. And to think Chris wanted me to get rid of them, saying I was a hoarder.

The wash shelf, (which still needs staining), has been stocked up with probiotic baby products. As a finishing touch, I added on cute bunny hooks in keeping with the woodland theme.

In our living room we have vintage stacked book draws and I just had to have the classic children’s version for the nursery. The bunny table lamp almost never made it in to the nursery after the dogs nearly smashed it to bits in an eager attempt to get to the front door.

Sitting above the draws is my most cherished item in the room, Rupert’s clay cast impressions from when he was 6 weeks 2 days old. Two days after his original due date.

One of my most loved past times has become filling the bookshelves of Rupert’s mini library. So far his shelves are filled with books that hold a special place in my heart from my own childhood, such as Winnie The Poo, the Beatrix Potter collection, Brambly Hedge and other timeless classics, along with some newer additions and ones with sensory benefits.

Sadly Rupert’s baby shower which was scheduled for the 16th February, never went ahead due to his early arrival and subsequent rocky start. Whilst the baby shower never went ahead my sister did give me this personalised little piggy which she had ordered as part of the baby shower, it has now become Rupert’s first piggy bank.

My Dad gave us a memory box for which I have filled with his first outfit, the cards and letters we received upon his arrival as well as a few other keepsakes.

Although not fitting in with the theme, as a child I was (in fact still am) absolutely fascinated with Dinosaurs. Therefore I could not resist a dino rattle. I look forward to the day I can impress Rupert with my dinosaur knowledge!

Keen to compliment the room and retain the feel of the cottage we went with a traditional dark wood nursery set from Boori. The cot can be converted to a toddler bed and should last until Rupert is a good few years old, from there it can the convert to a day bed too!

We decided not to have cot bumpers, so to finish off the cot I went on the hunt for a woodland themed quilt and came across this lovely one which fits in perfectly!

Above the cot we have hung a strip of woodland print bunting which matches the blinds.

In my mind no nursery is complete without fairy lights. Rupert is lucky I did not turn his room in to a fairy light grotto as I LOVE my fairy lights. In the end I settled for just the two sets which fitted the woodland theme. Leaves and bunnies with fluffy tails!

There are a few very special pictures still to go up on the walls and there will always be another book to add to the collection, or as Rupert gets older a toy to buy, but for now aside from this the nursery has turned out just as I imagined and hoped it would. A woodland themed nursery, which I hope a rather cheeky little boy will enjoy spending time in as much as I do, with his woodland friends; Horace the hedgehog, Filly the fox and Bunny!

Thank you for reading.

Emma x

A few items in this post were kindly gifted to us from brands. For clarity I therefore just wanted to point out which items were gifted and I’d also like to add that I would never share with you products I do not love and ones I would not buy myself. Gifted Items include Moses Basket and Play Gym from The Little Green Sheep and Probiotic Baby Products from Little Aurelia.

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