Little Aurelia – A British Probiotic Skincare Range for Babies

For many years I’ve been concerned about the use of harsh chemical ingredients in the everyday products I use. These concerns have only deepened since becoming a mummy. I was therefore delighted to discover a beautiful, gentle and British baby probiotic skincare brand called Little Aurelia during my pregnancy.

When caring for Rupert’s skin, I want to know I am using products which are free from chemical ingredients, and only use those that will feed, nourish and protect his delicate skin. And I truly believe that the products we’ve been using from Little Aurelia are the best choice.

Founded by another conscious mummy, Little Aurelia have lovingly created a range of luxury baby products, which are all 100% BioOrganic, and free from the nasty ingredients I want to avoid using. The ingredients used are all natural and ethically sourced.

I get so much satisfaction from using Little Aurelia products on Rupert, knowing that with each use his skin is being gently cared for using safe and ethical products. Another plus point for me, is that by using them we are supporting a British company. What’s more is that both Rupert and I can, and do, reap the benefits of using them as they can be used on all skin types.

During the newborn stage Rupert suffered with colic, to help relieve his discomfort I would give him THREE massages a day! If only I got that lucky. I will often still give him the occasional evening massage as part of his bedtime routine, and when I do, I will use the light and softly scented Sleep Time Bath & Massage Oil during these massages.

I add a few drops of the oil to Rupert’s bath most nights, along with a BIG handful of Epsom Salts.

After Rupert’s had his bath, I apply the Sleep Time Top to Toe Cream. This cream is so luxurious and I love using it to finish of a massage if he’s had one. It leaves him smelling even more delicious. The Sleep Time Top to Toe Cream uses a blend of ingredients to help nourish, soothe and soften skin along with as the name suggests, helping to aid sleep.

To further induce sleep and restore a sense of calm, more so for me I might add, I spray a little of the Little Aurelia Pillow Mist where he lays his head close to mine at night, or on his sleepsuit. The pillow mist is made from a light blend of Chamomile, Geranium, Lavender and Angelica.

Although compared to other brands Little Aurelia products may be quite pricey, I’ve found that a little does go a long way (at least when I use them, not so far when Chris does)! For me I feel the products are worth every penny as the results are evident in his skin, plus I have peace of mind that we are using products that are natural and safe.

For full Little Aurelia product range and tips on using the products click HERE

For transparency the Little Aurelia products mentioned were very kindly gifted to Rupert, however I was never asked to write a blog post about them. I simply felt that after months of happily using the products they were worthy of a mention here on the blog.

I can honestly say I will be investing in more from all of the Aurelia London ranges in the future, in fact, I have already made the switch to their botanical cream deodorant and have been really impressed with the results.

Love for now

Emma x

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