Christmas Eve Boxes – Our Family’s

It was only a couple of years ago when my cousin Amy asked our Grandad (dab hand at making things out of wood), if he could make a couple of Christmas Eve Boxes for her little ones, that I first came across Christmas Eve Boxes. I remember thinking what a lovely idea they were.

I expect I am the last person to have heard of Christmas Eve Boxes, however, should you not have come across them yourself, they are basically boxes full of festive loveliness to give to children ahead of the big day.

I wanted our boxes to be lovingly made by my Grandad, leaving me to decorate them as I wished. I loved this little project myself, however there are lots to be found online that can be made to order too.

This year I put in my own request with my grandad to make some Christmas Eve boxes for our family. We’ve one for Rupert, one for the dogs and a mummy and daddy one for the two of us.

With this year being Rupert’s first Christmas, despite knowing he will not remember it, nor will he appreciate our efforts, I still want to make it special. My own parents set the bar high when it comes to creating magical Christmases, and I adore taking a trip down memory lane to revisit all the fond memories I have of my childhood Christmases.

One of the traditions I will be setting for my own family, will be sitting down under the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve to delve in to our Christmas Eve boxes.

With only a few short days to go until the big day I’ve finally managed to get our Christmas Eve boxes at the ready, and I’m extremely excited to share them.

There are a few items that I plan on adding to our Christmas Eve boxes each year, these items will be a new decoration to be added to the tree on Christmas Eve, a new pair of pyjamas to wear to bed on Christmas Eve and to stay wearing while we open presents Christmas morning, a new book that is special and relevant to each of us and some home made Christmas treats.

This year, Rupert’s Christmas Eve box will contain a personalised first Christmas decoration to hang on the tree, a Christmas story we can snuggle up with and read together before bed, pyjamas, his first stocking to match the theme of his room and a written letter from Father Christmas. Oh and not forgetting something yummy to leave out for Santa and his Reindeer.

In the Dals Christmas Eve box they will have some delicious treats for the evening and a new toy/cuddly each.

Our Christmas Eve box will contain a bottle of fizz to enjoy once Rupert is tucked up in bed, accompanied by some tasty nibbles and cosy pyjamas.

Do your family do Christmas Eve boxes? If so what do you fill yours with?

Much love Emma x

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