Our Second Wedding Anniversary

A good number of years ago, Chris and I vowed never to venture out again on a bank holiday after a very unsuccessful trip out. A few years down the line, we ended up picking a bank holiday Friday for our wedding day, our thoughts were clearly with our guests and them not having to take a day off from work, rather than the future and how we would spend our wedding anniversaries!

After spending our first wedding anniversary in lockdown, and despite this year restrictions being lifted, neither of us could face a night or a day apart from Rupert (we’ve never been away from him for more than a couple of hours)! We decided to keep it simple and spend our second wedding anniversary at home in the garden of the the home where our story began.

The day was set to be a hot one therefore we got up early to walk the dogs, and Rupert got to feed the ducks at one of our regular walking spots and ironically where I told Chris he was going to be a daddy.

As soon as we pulled up our car was surrounded by our beaky friends, I think word must have got out about a little boy and his duck food!

In the afternoon, in between playing with and entertaining Rupert we began to prepare for our garden date night.

Some of us were more helpful with the setting up than others.

For as long as we’ve lived at the cottage we have always talked of summer nights spent having a film night in the garden. As this summer will be our last at the cottage we made sure that we got around to doing this and our anniversary seemed the perfect opportunity.

Together we created a cosy area in the garden with scatter cushions, flowers, lighting, and fire pit to cuddle up by and settle down to watch our wedding film and reflect on our day and where we are as a couple two years down the line as MR and MRS. However it seemed the dogs thought this was being made for them.

We had to wait for the sun to go down before we were able to get the picture to display, so we sat a chatted, each with a dog under our arms until the sunset and the film could start.

Once they realised we were not sharing the popcorn the dogs disappeared inside!

As the dogs had been there with us on the day and for most of the evening it seemed only right that they came back out to join us and watch the day on the big screen.

The set up took much longer than we expected and despite there being no wind the screen kept blowing over much to Chris’s frustration, and Rupert woke a few times however we did manage a couple of hours us time in the end.

Although the evening was lovely, Next year I think we will venture out of the garden to allow us to fully switch off and relax without having to prepare too much and constantly watching the baby monitor. Any ideas for next year would be most welcome!

Love for now

Emma x

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