An Afternoon in the Garden

Our garden is like Rupert, a little wild, hard to contain but makes me smile, and spending time in it together is a real treat. It’s not often we get the chance to simply enjoy little moments at home as there are always dogs to walk or horses to tend to, so when we had an afternoon free with nowhere to be I took to making sure we made the most of our time at home in the garden.

While Rupert took a late morning nap, I switched on the monitor, and armed with a basket full of his favourite books and toys, made my way down the garden to set up a perfectly shady spot for he and I to play under for when he chose to wake up.

Bunter being Bunter, thought I’d set it up for him and made himself quite comfortable!

Waiting for Master Rupert to stir, I wandered around the garden and admired all the beautiful flowers we had planted a few years ago and reflected on our garden transformation during our time at the cottage.

One of the Hollyhocks has grew to a staggering 11 foot plus this year, unfortunately with all the rain and wind we’ve had it got too heavy and snapped off, but when it was still standing it looked absolutely amazing.

We discovered at the weekend, while on a second visit to what will all being well be our new home before the year is out, that a cutting was taken from the tree pictured below and grown in the garden of the new cottage. Its the tree I love most in our garden and it will feel like we are taking something other than our wood burner (our buyers were going to rip it out), with us from one cottage to the next!

Upon waking up Rupert was keen to get outside and explore the cosy play setup, he ran down the garden as fast as his chubby little legs would carry him, arms waving in the air and babbling to himself as he ran.

Bunter was not impressed that he was required to share his shady space.

As Rupert always wakes up hungry, I set out a sharing fruit and nut platter on his cute Noah’s Ark plate.

Despite feeling aggrieved about having to share the tent, Bunter stayed close by in case of any emergency spillages he could help take care of.

We read quite a few books, some more than once I might add! We also went on a garden forage to find as many different textures and colours as possible to take back and explore under the shade of the tent. Most importantly though we shared many cuddles!

I am looking forward to carving out more time to spend with Rupert in our next garden and creating a special area just for him in it. I would love to hear any ideas you have on how to fill his little corner of the garden, if you have any please drop me a comment below.

Love for now

Emma x

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