Darcie’s First Birthday

We recently celebrated our darling Darcie’s first birthday.

Since having children, when it comes to their birthdays (much like everything with children actually), I find them to be incredibly bittersweet. During the lead up to their birthdays, especially this first birthday with Darcie I felt completely overwhelmed with a barrage of emotions at how fast our babies grow up. Perhaps also I am feeling things differently this time around as all of Darcie’s firsts will be my lasts.

Placing Darcie gently in her cot the night before her first birthday I lingered by her bedside a little longer than most nights, and as I always do, marvelled at how pretty, petite and utterly perfect she is while reminiscing over the past year with her. All the things we’ve done together and all of the ways in which she has changed. Stroking her cheeks and placing soft kisses on them before I pulled her door closed, I admit a few tears rolled down my own cheeks at how fast this time with her has passed by.

Right now I would describe Darcie as being a confident, contented, little lady with a lot to say for herself. Unless it’s time for a nappy change Darcie is an extremely happy person, one who takes everything in and picks things up quickly. On the cusp of walking unaided, Darcie gets visibly frustrated to not be quite there yet running around with her brother for whom she completely adores, instead she is rapid on her knees (especially climbing the stairs)!

At one time I thought Darcie would be a foodie like myself, yet lately unless it’s beige it’s not getting past her lips! She enjoys her toys especially a ball, or toys which require a little or lots of thought. Already a keen book lover like myself, we enjoy many books together of an evening. Her favourite songs are Rusted Root Send me on my way, the first time she heard this song at around three months old she started giggling and giggling and it has remained a firm favourite since. Another is Happy from Despicable me for which we dance to most evenings after supper, as soon as she hears the beat she is bopping along and smiling. Darcie adores the animals, her favourite it appears at the moment would be the cats (she does not get her love for them from me)! Darcie has four words at present and they are, DAD for which she often shouts, THERE which is followed by pointing to where she requires you to carry her to and BYE which currently sounds like die and is more often that not accompanied by a long wave as planes go overhead. The fourth word is very throaty ROAR, according to her its the noise all animals make from a lion to a duck. Her character is shining though and she is a complete and utter joy to be around.

As we leave the baby stage and move into the toddler years, I have to say that Darcie has literally been the easiest of babies in everyway. My Dad amongst other people often say how they have never known such a happy and contented baby. Darcie hardly ever cries, (when she does you know things must be bad! She has slept well from day one, allows me to put her down and play independently for bursts of time, and always has a smile for everyone she sees. I have loved every minute of her babyhood.

For Darcie’s Birthday I booked us a trip to Port Lympne Safari Park. With everything being of interest to her now I felt this would be a good option and a day we would all enjoy together.

It was almost a two hour drive, one of which both the children slept all the way there, I too attempted to shut my eyes however irritatingly I was constantly being prodded to stay awake and keep the driver company.

We arrived a little later than I had hoped we would as the horses had taken longer in the morning, but we still managed to see all we hoped we would. Albeit we almost missed out on the main part of the day which was the safari we were scheduled on. I had managed to get the timings muddled up and we joined the que 40 minutes later than we should have. Thankfully we were accommodated and were able to laugh my stupidity off.

The sun was shining on Darcie and a lovely day was had by all as I had hoped.

The remainder of Darcie’s first birthday weekend was predominantly spent playing outside at Nanny’s house, eating cake and being made a fuss of.

All her presents had to first be inspected by her big brother.

Since Darcie’s First Birthday, I have made a conscious effort to slow down the the pace of our everyday life where I can by making simple changes to our daily routine, mostly related to our animals. These changes have been allowing me to live more in the moment with the children rather than feeling the need and the pressure to rush on to do the next thing. I am now spending my time soaking up all of their lovely littleness, and focus on enjoying the ordinary everyday moments together more so. I know these moments and years together are the most impactful ones and the ones I shall miss and cherish the most in years to come.

Love for now,

Emma x

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