A Walk on Chailey Common with Family Photographer KB Photography Sussex

Last weekend Family Photographer Kristina, the lovely lady behind the lens of KB Photography met us for a morning walk on Chailey Common with her camera. The intention was to capture simple moments of us being us, doing one of the things we love to do together, taking a wander in the countryside.

The area was not selected for any particular reason other than it worked for all of us, yet it wasn’t without a connection for either Chris or myself. Chailey Common just so happens to be an old haunt for both of us, individually and as a couple. For me it is a place that holds extremely fond memories from my childhood as we lived close by as did both sets of my Grandparents. Memories of walks with my Nanny and the dogs, and of trailering the ponies on to the common with my Mum and Dad and Dad when we were little. Then in more recent years spreading the ashes of two my Grandparents on my Dads side, on a particularly windy day! For Chris it is also close to where he grew up and where he bought his first property, the property in which we became a couple in and took walks together from with our first fur baby, Shiva.

As we walked, Kristina snapped away for an hour while we got on with simply being ourselves, and I feel Kristina captured us perfectly.

I adore Kristina’s beautiful, pure and emotive photography style, and the natural feel that she created for us, which at times made us forget she had a camera in her hand. This I feel is so important when trying to capture candid moments. Yes, there were a few images that were posed, but not unnaturally so as we were still being ourselves and in the moment with our children.

Kristina was very sweet and easy for the children to be around, putting them at ease in her company which allowed her to be able to completely capture their characters.

I really love the way that Kristina captured us as a family in an environment that we all feel very much at home in, the countryside.

Rupert enjoyed his time doing what he generally does every walk, running around in his free-spirited way doing what he loves to do climbing trees,

doing some seasonal foraging (early blackberries in this instance), and collecting little treasures,

as well as hunting for dinosaur footprints,

and just exploring all that’s around him, all the while with a sassy grin of his face.

Darcie loved playing with stones, pine cones and any other sensory item she demanded made its way into her hands.

I adore these images of her tentative barefoot steps,

and of her innocent smile.

When I say we were able to just be ourselves, I really do mean that, I still have the bruises and a sore bottom to prove it. Currently my bruise is a beautiful array of deep blues and purples. Anyone who has ever had the pleasure or misfortune of walking with me, depending on their view of a nice walk will know, I like to take the adventurous routes which are often off the beaten track. During our session, with Darcie in my arms I took a tumble, over not just one upturned tree but two! Darcie cried out of shock at us ending up on the ground more than due to being hurt as I held her high above my head as I went down. Once Chris had established, we were both okay, or more Darcie if I am being honest, he picked himself up off the ground from laughing  (while I still couldn’t, resembling a turtle according to Chris, stuck on its back rolling back and forth in a feeble attempt to get back on its feet)! at my clumsiness.

These years these years with our young children are the golden days, and I want to look back and have beautiful moments captured of us being together so that I can be taken back to these days forevermore. After having spent time with, and seeing the results from our session with Kristina, I feel that we have found a photographer we will be coming back to time and time again in the future to document our little family as the children grow.

I honestly can’t recommend Kristina enough if you’re looking for a family photographer, or to book a couples or maternity photography session in Sussex. I have been completely blown away by our photos and there were many of them. Kristina was able to turn an area that can be seen as bland into a stunning backdrop for our session and was so easy for us to relax around making us all feel like we could be our authentic selves in front of her lens.

Love for now

Emma x

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