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  • An Evening at Castle Farm Lavender Fields

    This week I booked tickets for an evening at Castle Farm Lavender Fields with my Mum, Dad, sister Hannah and Rupert, where we would spend a couple of fragrant hours picnicking in a field of

  • Luxury Lavender Bath Blend

    Since the start of my second trimester of pregnancy I’ve been using essential lavender oil to act as an anchor to trigger relaxation and confidence. If you have followed the blog for a while you

  • Lordington Lavender Farm, Sussex

    After visiting Mayfield and Cotswold Lavender fields last year, one of my favourite summer past times has since become visiting lavender fields. And this year I discovered we had one right here is Sussex! However

  • Playing in a Purple Paradise – Mayfield Lavender

    Up until around 20 years ago, the highly versatile perfumed purple plant which was first introduced to Britain by the Romans, and once carpeted the English countryside during the summer months was in decline. This

  • Rupert’s Birth Story

    Throughout my pregnancy I never really focused too much on an exact due date, preferring to refer to a due month instead. However, Rupert’s original due date was today the 9th March 2020, the day

  • Log House Holidays – Part 2

    With the weather being so wonderful on the lead up to our road trip it had Chris and I praying that the sun would continue to shine for us during our stay. We were very