My Promise to My Readers

As a reader and friend, I promise that I will always be clear to you about whether a product has been sent to me for a review or if I am being paid to talk about it.

Occasionally a PR company sends me something to try, and if I think it is something you will enjoy, I promise to always say that the product has been ‘gifted’. I do not receive any money for such items or posts, and I will only ever accept items that I feel would be of benefit to me or my family.

If a company or brand contacts me and asks me to mention their product for a price, I promise to always state this in a post as #AD. Whilst I do receive money for these posts, I would never mention anything that I didn’t actually believe in already use myself or think my readers would enjoy.

For most of my posts none of the above apply as I am simply writing to share information on things I have enjoyed or found useful. 

‘My Little Country Life’ contains affiliate links which means if you click on a link and make a purchase, then I may make a small amount of commission however there is no additional cost to you. I only choose to work with brands that I absolutely adore or those that I think that you as a reader would enjoy hearing about.