Our Little Rupert’s Turned Two Years Old

Over the weekend our little man turned two years old……..TWO!

Those two years have literally flown by in a happy blur of love, laughter and a lack of sleep.

To celebrate Rupert turning two years old, we started the morning with lots of cuddles in bed and playing with balloons which were supposed to be used for decorating later in the day. Once up and about we all sat down to a pancake breakfast before getting party ready.

I really enjoy party planning however big or small the party and I know doing parties for our children over the years will be my most loved party’s to plan. Being two years old it was not an awfully long party and low key, but I wanted it to be fun and interactive for him, his cousins and his first ever friend Freddie who we met while both boys were in the NICU.

In the afternoon we booked a private session to have full use of our local Little Street which is a children’s role play centre. Rupert really enjoys it here and it seemed the perfect place to take him.

Little Street centres have a variety of “themed rooms” and each room filled with props to help spark their imagination to offer a creative and educational play experience.

I had planned to create a balloon arch on the inside of the entrance to the play area, what I had not accounted for was the time it would take to erect 152 air filled balloons, nor the fact that upon arriving we would discover that some of the key parts of the kit would be missing after Rupert had emptied the bag of balloons on the bedroom floor earlier in the day. We still had two helium balloons which Rupert loved, a huge number two and a tractor which he had spotted a few days before and had been most upset at not being allowed to open it. We will save the balloons for another party once we find the missing items!

Inside Little Street Rupert’s favourite room is the supermarket.

Clearly the cashire was taking too long, as he made a mad dash away without paying!

I think you will all agree with me that he made the worlds smartest little builder.

It was so lovely to watch the children all having a great time together and being there for Rupert. It really made up for last years virtual birthday party on Zoom!

The play centre was hired for 1.5 hours, after which we hired out the café next door for refreshments and of course to eat cake!

The cake was ordered by my Mother and made by the most delicious cake baker we know and trust, Butter and Cream Cakes, if you are in the Sussex/Surrey area I highly recommend them.

As Rupert adores anything tractor related it was only right that his cake had a tractor theme to it, alongside his trusty steed Astro! Everyone commented on how tasty the cake was.

Rupert LOVED his cake as you can tell by his cheeky face.

My Father brought Rupert a ride on tractor as his present and this has been going down extremely well I must say. I can see he will be even more helpful at the stables now, filling the trailer with hay, straw and anything else he see fit to fill it with.

As the venues are right on playing fields all the children were able to safely run and play outside the doors of the café under the supervision of the Dads and Grandads.

We all seemed to lose track of time and come 4pm we were kindly reminded that the Café was closing and as such it was time to go. We all said our goodbyes and we headed over to my Mothers to find the perfect parking spot for his new wheels once he had shown it off to all of the stable residents that is.

It was the perfect afternoon for our perfect little man.

Love for now

Emma x

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